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7 October 2010 / avoulk

I lived on the Moon


I remember myself listening to this song a few years ago, when my psychological state was a bit fragile (no, i am not crazy or something) and it always used to calm me down and make me think and observe my life from a distance.

Daydreaming is not about being lost in your thoughts. It’s about struggling for something new, for something better and inspirational. It’s about taking leaps forward. Sometimes theses leaps are small, some others huge. It doesn’t matter. A dream is a always a dream. And when a dream is fulfilled, you do not need to wake up. You just need to keep on dreaming..


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  1. giannis12a / Nov 29 2010 19:24

    πολύ καλό τραγούδι και φευγάτο βιντεάκι : )

    • avoulk / Nov 29 2010 19:33

      Και το τραγούδι φευγάτο είναι αν δεις τα λόγια! 🙂

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