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26 November 2010 / avoulk

Awesome Part II

Second day in Awesome  and i LOVE it!

I desperately need a better configuration for ncmpcpp though. I find mine a bit un-polished :s

Good news: I found an excellent plugin for tab renaming in rxvt-unicode! Even more awesome :p


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  1. Dan Brummett / Jul 2 2013 06:30

    I must know, WHERE did you get that background, and also how did you configure the colors of ncmpcpp? That is a beautifully minimalistic and extremely usable interface you’ve created thanks to the subdued background and the fantastically warm and bright console text. I read in a later post that you switched back to KDE I just wanted to give you a heads up that its VERY easy to run Awesome in a “nested” X11 server container, I use XFCE for day to day stuff but for programming I start up Awesome in its own container following the directions from their wiki It makes sense for me because of my multiple monitors and lets me use Awesome without having to completely commit to it.

    • avoulk / Jul 2 2013 20:58

      My dear friend, unfortunately this setup is more than two years old and the configs and the wallpaper are gone. 😦
      You can find plenty of them by a simple google search though, just searching for pattern wallpapers!

      Thanks for your kind words, i really appreciate it.
      Thanks for your Xephyr hints, i’ll give it a go! 😉

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