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26 November 2010 / avoulk

Quick tip: colorful bash scripts

Fig. 1: Example code with colored output support

Fig. 2: Output of the script shown in Fig. 1

As it seems, today i am not in the mood for studying, so i decided to colorize some scripts i had made to assist me with certain simulations i needed to do. So here is how it goes.

First of all, in your script startup write down some script-internal variables concerning your preferred colors as shown in Fig. 1.

Then, write down your echo commands, using the colors in a separate quotation block like this:

echo -e “$red””Blabla blabla””$reset”

And there you are 🙂

In my case, the result is shown in Fig. 2

PS: For more information check the following links: Archlinux Wiki and

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