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17 December 2010 / avoulk

Temporary Mania: Volbeat

I LOVE Volbeat 🙂

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10 December 2010 / avoulk

Back into KDE

Yep, I’m back.

Awesome WM is awesome, but nothing compares to the smooth feeling a KDE desktop can offer 🙂

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10 December 2010 / avoulk

Temporary Mania: Jori Hulkkonen feat Jerry Valuri – Lo-Fiction


That night you kissed the moonlight
For the first time and the last thing that was falling was my flower
I meant to give it on my knees x2
I know..

The stars they shine on my [indecipherable]
I never ever could stand in your way
I never ever could stand in your way
I’ll be standing at your door
And I’m fading away
From your life
And I’m fading away
From your life


5 December 2010 / avoulk

My new Quote

Weeping your ass with the wrong hand is a pain in the ass.
~ me, 2010

26 November 2010 / avoulk

Quick tip: colorful bash scripts

Fig. 1: Example code with colored output support

Fig. 2: Output of the script shown in Fig. 1

As it seems, today i am not in the mood for studying, so i decided to colorize some scripts i had made to assist me with certain simulations i needed to do. So here is how it goes.

First of all, in your script startup write down some script-internal variables concerning your preferred colors as shown in Fig. 1.

Then, write down your echo commands, using the colors in a separate quotation block like this:

echo -e “$red””Blabla blabla””$reset”

And there you are 🙂

In my case, the result is shown in Fig. 2

PS: For more information check the following links: Archlinux Wiki and

26 November 2010 / avoulk

Awesome Part II

Second day in Awesome  and i LOVE it!

I desperately need a better configuration for ncmpcpp though. I find mine a bit un-polished :s

Good news: I found an excellent plugin for tab renaming in rxvt-unicode! Even more awesome :p

25 November 2010 / avoulk

Awesome wm

It is just awesome! 😀

Awesome WM on Archlinux

Awesome in deed :p